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Wood Care

Australian Wood Wax

A Natural Wood Polishing Wax - Premium furniture wax made with a blend of natural oils and waxes.

Penetrates - Preserves - Protects. A Polish for all surfaces.

Premium Australian made timber wax, that  based on natural bees wax, natural carnauba wax and melaleuca.

Melaleuca essential oil is anti-fungal as well has having a very mild cleaning property.

Carnauba Wax is known as the "Queen of Waxes"  a very high end wax which produces the warm glow.

Bees wax is the traditional component to wood polishes and is used to give the finish the toughness, to protect the wood.

Can be used on untreated timber to seal and protect, enhances wood grain or as polishing wax for furniture maintance and protection.

 Wood Wax
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