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​Sheepskin Boot Care

The ugg Boot Care Kit

contains 125ml ugg Protector & 125ml ugg Shampoo, plus a special open cell foam sponge which can be used to dry  brush dust & dirt and raise the nap of the suede or wet with the shampoo to clean the leather surface. 

The ugg boot care kit has been specially developed to keep your much loved favourite ugg boots in fantastic condition. Use Ugg boot protector from new, to repel dirt and damage cause though excessive moisture. Periodically use ugg boot shampoo to spot clean, and wash sheepskin boots to remove odours and help prevent bacteria infection. Please note ugg boot protector will not make your ugg boots totally water proof. Use the specialist sponge for restoring the nap on sheepskin boots.

As ugg boots are normally worn without socks for maximum comfort, it is necessary that the ugg boot is washed periodically. Use of a suede eraser or suede brush is NOT recommended as these can cause damage to the leather of double face sheepskin.

Ugg boot cleaning sponge gives ugg boot a clean new look by brushing with dry sponge. It actually shaves off loose nap. lint and surface soil. clean sponge by rinsing with water.
Ugg boot cleaning spray & detergent contains a mild surfactant to remove soiling from the ugg boot surface and using ugg boot cleaning sponge moistened with water clean the leather surface. Clean sponge after cleaning by rinsing thoroughly with clean water and sponge any excess cleaner from the leather, allow to dry.
Ugg boots, if well manufactured, may be washed by hand or in a washing machine on a wool or gentle cycle without damage.

The antibacterial properties of the detergent will help prevent foot odour. Ugg boots can be dried in a clothes drier ON LOW which will take around 2 hours or air dry out of direct heat or sunlight which will take 2 days. Do not stuff the ugg boot with paper as this will flatten the wool pile.
When dry apply ugg protector.

This kit has been produced for the care of sheepskin boots ,and all other sheepskin wear including slippers and gloves.
As sheepskin is a natural product which varies so much ,please check the colour fastness of boots before buying this product . This can be done by doing a simple test on a  inconspicuous area of boot , using a light coloured wet cloth rub 4 to 5 times and if the colour transfers on to the cloth , there is a possibility that boots will fade when they come in contact with water and may therefore suffer some colour loss during the washing process.
If boots are not colourfast try not to get wet and use protector and suede cleaning sponge dry.


Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Protector is an aqueous dispersion of a fluorocarbon resin which adds value to delicate, high quality articles, particularly double face sheepskin, by protecting them from the effects of water, dirt and substances containing fats and oils. Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Protector has little or no effect on the colour or on the nap of suedes, nubuck
or double face sheepskin.

Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Protector is best for:

 Double face sheepskin garments
 Double face footwear—ugg boots
 Suede & nubuck footwear
 Suede garments
 Suede & nubuck upholstery leather
 Handbags made from vegetable tanned leather
 Canvas footwear

Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin Protector is also available in 200mL pump bottles.

The UGG Boot,
From Australia's Official Dictionary: The Macquarie Con- cise Dictionary - ug boot / Australian 100% merino sheep- skin lined boot. Also called ugh boot , ugg boot.

A Brief History

The Australian ugg boot traces its origins back to at least early last century when World War I pilots were pictured wearing their fleece-lined "Fug Boots" (Presumably flying ugg boots!). Blue Mountain Uggs go back to  1933 with shearers finding them cosy and warm and in the late 1950's, Mortel's Sheepskin Factory began producing a line of "apache ugh boots". Then in the late 1960's Australian surf- ers decided it was real cosy to jump out of the surf and into a pair of sheepskin boots to help get warm. Their original ugg boot style was very basic - essentially two pieces of sheep- skin in the shape of a boot joined together down the centre- front and back with a soft sole attached to the bottom. Yes - they didn't even have hard soles. In fact, they were really only a glorified sock. The gen-
eral consensus is that the name is coined from the term "ugly boot" and ever since then, Aus- tralians have referred to their sheepskin boots as ugg boots, uggies or uggs. Regardless of the history, it is and always


will be a generic term for sheepskin boots in Australia. Ask any Australian what an ugg boot is and they'll say sheepskin boot. It's as 'ocker' (slang for 'Australian') as meat pies and kangaroos.  Contrary to  some  stories  proliferating on  the web, it would be difficult for any one person to lay claim to making the "first" pair of uggs or ugg boots and it was quite likely invented over and over by different people given they do look - well - sort of "ugly".

For anyone in search of a pair of real Australian sheepskin footwear, I implore you to support the original manufactur- ers, the little guys, the ones behind the legend and buy your genuine (yes the real, real thing) Australian sheepskin foot- wear made by a truly Australian companies.

Beware of very cheap imitations... quite a few boots on the market are made of cow suede with sewn on sheepskin or

synthetic inner fleece.... Don't take the chance and purchase these boots.... the external cow suede does not breathe like
100%  sheepskin  does  and  will  leave  you  with  a  smelly sweaty boot... But I must say these boots do look like the real thing but just don't cut the mustard when compared to authentic ugg boots.

The natural properties of sheepskin results in thermostatic benefits. Thick fleecy fibres on the inner part of the boots allows air to circulate and keep the feet at body temperature. Synthetic and faux fur boots do not have these properties and sheepskin boots are highly prized for their effectiveness Ugg boots are designed to be worn without socks in order to maximize comfort.



1Lt Thomas L. Moore in fug boots and a short, leather fly- ing coat posing in front of C Flight Camel ‘Y’.

Left - Genuine Australian tall ugg boots

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