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Dust mite Allergy Help

Aller Wash

Dust mite allergy help

Aller Wash  is a very special product that can help relieve some of the syptoms that are aggrivated by  allergies to the house dust mite , pet allergens , mold spores  and chemical sensitivities  .

Asthma sufferers may find this product of particular use as house dust mites , pet allergens moulds and harsh chemicals can all can all aggrivate the condition and act as triggers for an asthma attack.

People with sensitive skins such as eczema sufferers may find  the usual washing detergents  found at the local supermarkets to harsh for delicate skins and may  benifit from Allerwash as it contains no harsh chemicals or  perfumes .

For baby , Allerwash is particularly gentle in delicate skins  and excellent at cleaning the natural fibres of cotton and soft wools  and baby sheepskins. As well as maintaining and caring for your babies clothing and bedding , by getting rid of  harmful allergens you creat a healtheir environment for baby .

Dog lovers will find this an essential exspecially if you  love your dog  but find you have an allergy to your beloved pooch . I know this from personal experience .

An Introduction to a very special detergent Aller Wash

Let us start with what Aller Wash does NOT contain !

It does NOT contain any of the following :







Optical Brighteners


Synthetic Perfumes

The above are all known to aggravate  health conditions such as exthma and asthma. 

What Is added to Aller wash to make it so special  ?

Aller Wash is manufactured  in Autralia and uses essential oils from its native plants a unique blend of melaleuca oils  including  Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle .

Tea Tree has many uses as it is is antibacterial and antifungal.  Research has shown it to be natures weapon against dust mites .

Lemon Myrtle  also has strong antibacterial , antifungal and antiviral properties .

It is also used for its pleasant lemon scent and is known to remove umpleasant odors.

Allerwash has proven to be kind to sensitive skin and can be used as a detergent for this purpose alone .

The allergen reduducing properties of Tea Tree  make it a detergent that can really help sufferes of exthma and asthma.

Asthma and house dust mite allergy Sufferers

Some of the key triggers for asthma are house dust mites , pet allergens , molds and chemilcals.

The house dust mite is found in every modern house , we have created wonderful comfortable homes for ourselves at at the same time creating the ideal envoronment for the house dustmite to thrive in .

Everyone is more aware than ever of our  resposibility to reduce our energy consumption and are encouraged to laundery wash at lower and lower tempuratures .

To remove dust mite allergens and to eliminate the dust mites effectively you normally have to wash at temperatures of 60 degrees and above .  This is not always practical especially with both  modern and natural fabics such as silk , woolens and sheepskin .

The key ingredients in Allerwash are Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle essential oils . Tea Tree  has been found to be natures cure for the house dustmite  as well as being antibacterial and antifungel. Lemon myrtle is a very stong anti--- agent as well as being antiviral and antifungal . It is also excellent at the removal of unpleasant odors.

This is where Allerwash can really help is has been clinicaly tested and proven that using Allerwash at a 30 degree fast wash will eliminate 90% of house dust mites. By reducing the dust mite population in your home many asthma sufferes find a significant  reduction in their symptoms .

The best place to start in the home when trying to reduce the dustmite population is the bedroom  , particularly the bed . Using Allerwash  to launder your bedding once a week is a good starting point .

Laundering the dogs bed weekly is also very benificial  . The great thing about using Allerwash on your pets bedding  is that it will remove pet odors . Fleas hate Tea Tree so Allerwash will help deter flea infeatations . The house dust mite can actually irratate your pets skin too so your dog will be truley grateful .

Allerwash  is so gentle is can be used to wash your dog  .

This is great for asthma sufferers as it will get rid of  pet allergens 

that can aggrivate the condition .

Allerwash will also leave your dogs coat super shiney ,

smelling great and help to repel fleas .

From personal experience although

I am not an asthma  sufferer  I know first hand how

reducing the dust mite population in your home can really

improve your and your families health .


Other Things that might help.


Wash curtains regularly or fit blinds
Maybe change carpet to a hardwood floor, or get a hepa filter Vacuum.

Air purifier, with good quality filters.

Vent the whole house on dry days.

Buy a humidity meter, and keep humidity to under 50% (may need to buy a dehumidifier)

Don`t Keep things under your bed, keep this area clear.

Use a wet cloth to dust.

Buy dust mite sheets and pillow case covers.

Keep pets out of the bedrooms.

Wash & brush Pet regularly.

Keep an eye out for problems, e.g. soft furnishings, kid’s toys. (Wash or put the toy in the freezer for 24 hours)

Try to keep surfaces clear for easy cleaning.

other areas of interest regarding dust , mould etc. , are light shades , radiators, top of pictures, doors, etc., windows shuts and vents for mould grow.

This list goes on , and we can only do our best with what resources are available, If you have any tips you think might help others please email to us , and where keep building this page up..​

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