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Thankyou for all you kind feed back , we love to hear how you got on and what you have been saving and looking after, this is a new page to our website , so please keep sending us your feed back, thought we would start of with a few new one `s just received. ( Thankyou so much again ).

Hello again, Babs,

I thought I'd give you an update - I ran the jacket in a machine-woollens wash at 40˚ with the Woolskin. I used 1.5 capfuls of it - I read on the bottle that a smaller amount would do, but the jacket looked very tired so I thought I would throw a little more at it. It worked - the fleece came out looking a lot cleaner and the leather skin too. Three days on a hanger next to the boiler got it dry enough, for me to have a go at restoring the pile. My wife suggested we use the small, stiff flat-headed wire brush she uses to groom her pet rabbit and this worked VERY well, I'm pleased to report, taking the pile from individual tufts to an overall fluffiness. Today, I've just finished applying the wax - managing to eke it out to cover the whole garment. I'd say this has seen the most profound improvement in the garment's look. Aside from a darker hue - as you might expect - the hide soaked it up, reducing the creases at the joints and wear points substantially. So, from a charity shop investment of £17, I now have a jacket that looks like it cost me hundreds - so thank you for your advice!!!




Recomends  to the manufacture Tantech in Ausstralia

1. Thanks so much for the lovely thought and opportunity to try your 'Aller Wash' product.So far i have used it on my wool jumpers,blankets and ugg boots!

I have to tell you though,the best results we have had has been on my carpets!We have really big rugs and they were not cheap so i am very fussy what I clean them with and your detergent has by far been the best.
I need to ask a question though,Is it safe to use a little of it when washing my dogs?I have done so already and it was great and as long as i do not get any in the eyes,i thought it would be fine and it seems to have been.My dogs are almost as important to us as our kids and sometimes more,depending on how naughty the kids have been! :) I am using it as my own personal laundry detergent and as till now,I can't fault it but it is too soon to say weather it is beneficial for my skin condition. I am sure it will be as it has all the right ingredients to not irritate my skin.I was using canesten wash previously but love to try something new.

2. Many thanks for the 5lt Aller Wash you sent a couple of months ago and apologies for not thanking you earlier.
Mitchells skin allergies have only recurred  once since we started using Aller Wash on all of his clothes and bedding. That was when we went to Hawaii for ten days and, staying in a hotel, we had no control over the washing of his bed linen. We always take some Aller Wash with us on holiday so his stuff can be washed in it.
We have found that for really soiled clothing we can wash it in ordinary washing powder + nappisan then rewash in Aller Wash and there is no occurrence of his allergy. on a couple of occasions we have washed his clothes in a combination ordinary washing powder and Aller Wash also with no allergy.
If we wash his clothes in ordinary washing powder without Aller Wash the allergy occurs a couple of hours after he wears them. It appears that something in the Aller Wash neutralises whatever is causing the allergy.

3. I had to write to tell you that I used your Woolwash on our cream bedroom carpet where there was a significant stain from a leaking oil-filled heater.
It had been there for about a year and I had tried different cleaning products on it with no success.  I suddenly thought of your Woolwash and the results were amazing.  You can't see where the stains were.  I'm so thrilled I just had to let you know.

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